Experience 71, an ideal 3 star hotel at the heart of Dhaka city

Ever made that request to a hotel where you needed a special meal for your 3 year old, a meal that’s not so typical of your restaurant menu. Guess what? We do that repeatedly, our chef’s that is. Very humble despite his haunting culinary artistry, Mr. Rofique and his fellow team members from the kitchen will be at your service with what you want, when you want. We are a boutique property, with only 56 rooms and well over 80 highly trained staffs all put together under one roof, so you’ll be looked after dearly. That special meal request
Ever came 6 am in the morning of the day of check-in, when the policy states check-in time of 2:00 pm, yes, that’s us, that’s 71. And yes, we’ve given complimentary breakfast for such guest too for that morning. For us, its not about money, its about that pleasant little moment that comes in your day and we are just extremely glad to see you on the receiving end of that idyllic little moment. That early check-in experience
Irrefutably the most client-centric boutique hotel of Dhaka city, yet maintaining that delicate balance between homely experience and highly refined professional service. Our brand value precedes us, we are the featured hotel of Dhaka city. The delicate balance
Ever woke up 2:30 in the morning with a bit of stomach ache, a persistent pain of sorts. The only resort was some prescribed medicine, do you go out at 2:30 in the morning? Not really, we do that for you, and yes, we take no charges for such, it is our pleasure to be of some help to you in your time of need. That odd mid-night request
Its 12:00 am, and you’re out of cigarette. Not knowing what to do, you try calling at the front desk to see if something can be arranged. And you find, they are happy to bring you what you’re after. We are just glad to able to offer some help, even in the littlest possible way. We house many staffs 24/7, there will always be someone who will happily look after such request, you just ask and see it happen. Maybe someday ask for the sun at midnight, maybe, just maybe, we will turn our city into the land of the rising sun for you. PS we strongly discourage smoking, it is strictly damaging to health. Truly boutique, deeply customer-centric