Managing Director

Mr. Abdul Hakim Prodhan saw an extraordinary gap in the market; realizing that the context is a low cost environment, he worked to relentlessly to bring a hotel in Dhaka which would provide services, facilities and amenities to clients that is not shy from a 5 star hotel but audaciously he was were after to make all this happen at a very budget price. He utterly and irrefutably worked with various bodies for years to make this a reality and voila, Hotel 71 is born. The MD of Hotel 71 believes it’s a continual learning and elevating process for Hotel 71 to keep pace with evolving time and meet the demands of the modern guests. His business philosophy revolves around to provide the most complete corporate boutique hotel in Dhaka for the budget conscious mind but yet who are not looking to compromise the high perks of 5 star hotels.

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Alim is one of the most revered individual in the hospitality industry in Bangladesh, with over 25 years of experience behind him, working in many international chains and having diverse experiences behind him, he was chosen as the perfect candidate for the behemoth task of lifting 71’s standard. Mr. Alim slowly raised his own standard over the years and officially became the first DGM with Hotel 71 in early 2010. He embodies everything that it means to be a General Manager of a property, revamped the complete business structure of Hotel 71 and bringing a fresh, elevated and sophisticated perspective on the daily operations of the business.


71’s own marketing team is run by a pool of qualified experts, who always strives to represent us in the market and portray what we are here for and that is to be the market leader in service excellence in hospitality industry in Dhaka. They are the bridge between you and us, they connect us with the prospective clients and over the years we have earned loyalty from much corporate business, they now look nowhere else for their hospitality requirement; be it meeting facilities, hosting corporate events, board room meetings, accommodation requirements, their first choice is irrefutably Hotel 71.

Housekeeping, Front Desk & Restaurant

The Front desk, Housekeeping and Restaurant Team orchestrates the finest experience in affordable luxury accommodation. You will find them 24/7 providing the unmatched service, going far beyond what a client might ask for. We cannot guarantee whether you are having a good day or not, but we can tell you for sure that our excellent team will try their level best to uphold your mood as much as possible.  Whether you are in need of some information, or need assistance, pesky however much it seems to you, we would love to be on the receiving end of it. Our team is always just a call away.


The Hotel 71 family has 3 executive chefs; each owing expertise in different cuisines and incomparable talent of leaving your taste bud dancing. They have tremendous verve and passion for the finest art known to man, the art that involves pleasing all the senses.Every piece of food is a prime example of how they have mastered the technique of cooking, from baking to grilling or from mincing to dicing. We know it’s their passion towards the art of culinary making them religiously committed to offer the very best for customers. This team of brilliance is always ready to offer according to your desire, whether it is a craving for simple gourmet food or any other notoriously difficult delicacy.