Corporate Responsibility

We are delicately balancing the responsibility to take care of our customers, our staffs, the community and the environment to avoid compromising any of these four spheres.  Acting responsibly on behalf of our guests, our staff, the wider community, and towards the natural environment is an integral part of the service excellence we seek to provide every day.

At Hotel 71 we are slowly taking the lead by raising awareness and driving action within the hotel. The team coordinates initiatives in relation to our people, the local community, protecting the environment, working with our suppliers and contractors, and ensuring that we conduct our business in ways that is pressing lesser imprint on the planet. We are still slow in appreciating and communicating the deeper issues of global warming in our society, but slowly we are taking the right step forward.

The team includes staff from various hotel departments. It is led by a member of our executive management committee. Though small, but it’s the right way forward, it always starts with small commitment; we are keeping lights and air conditioner off whenever possible, looking forward to source our power from renewable energy.

Delivering top quality service to our guests every day requires the commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication of every member of our workforce. We take special care of our staffs, the family of hotel 71, to ensure that the environment where we all work is supportive, inclusive, open and enjoyable. In addition to the core processes that underpin the way we collaborate with our staff every day, we provide a range of employee benefits that assist them in other aspects of their lives – with their health, their finances, their recreation, and their life outside the workplace.

As well as caring for our own staff, we seek to help the local community. Our hotel donated relief in many disasters, from coldest weather, to coastal rain damage; we did however much we could to support some if not all families.

Our responsibility is also to the natural environment.  We have been working with our suppliers and contractors to minimize environmental impact. Recycling initiatives within the hotel are coordinated by promoting recycling of glass, metals, plastics, paper and donating old blankets and bed sheets.