Hotel 71 Dhaka | Covid-19 Policy

Covid 19 Policy

You understand as do we, the new world we live in. This is a rapidly changing market condition. So our policies are subject to change as situation develops. So we will use this page to keep you updated with our policies.

Prayer for our nurses, doctors and hospital support staffs.
They've always been our hope! Thanks them now more than ever.

Covid-19: Operational Updates & Service Expectation

This is an extraordinary market condition and the gravity of the situation has demanded exceptional measures to address the situation we are in. Our services have been designed to cater to this new reality with rigorous health and hygiene measures. Most of our services have been switched to perform in limited scale, in some cases completely off. We always believe guests should be able to make an informed decision and everything should be made abundantly clear, so there is no unexpected surprise after check-in, as that can ruin your stay. So in that spirit, we are informing of our newly implemented changes in advance. And should you require any further clarification on some policy, please let us know, so we can address them. of our rooms are occupied by doctors.

  • Welcome drinks, fruit basket, evening high tea and even buffet breakfast has been turned on with full regards to health and safety parameters.
  • Free buffet breakfast has been opened again in limited scale.
  • Very limited reservations for restaurants will be taken to ensure sufficient distancing.
  • Lunch or dinner for room guests is encouraged for room service, but you can opt for dining at the restaurant on our second floor.
  • We sanitize high touch areas continuously.
  • Our gym services have been opened in limited setting.
  • Checked-out rooms are waited 48 hours before given to a new guests. And the entire room is thoroughly sanitized after check-out cleaning.
  • Our staffs are mandated to wear masks and gloves when they are on duty. We'd recommend our guests to wear masks at the least when they are in public area of the property until they are inside the room.

Bringing Break-Even Rates

We'd never profit from a global emergency. And so from moral standpoint, we have decided to bring in our "break-even" rates. If you have stayed with us before, you'd easily notice the prevailing rates on our website is drastically different from the previous rates which you've paid on your past stays. And lastly, we recommend to travel only if you absolutely must. We should all stay at home and do our part. At Hotel 71, we are always with you. Now more than ever, our prayers and regards goes out to you and your loved ones.

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