Safety & Security

We live in a dynamic internet world, and internet security concerns are treated with as much priority as our guest’s comfort, their safety and that of their personal data here in Hotel 71. Below we will shed light into the proactive programs which we run as an integral part of our daily operations.

  • Our staff are trained with awareness that revolves around all staff as an essential part of the security team and are responsible for looking after your safety and security
  • We have security audits conducted by national tourism board of Bangladesh to ensure our standards of security matches the industry requirement
  • 71 is equipped with video surveillance throughout its property which are monitored by appointed officers
  • Dedicated emergency response system is installed at the property; which includes emergency exit, fire response system and alarms
  • We run emergency response drills to train our newly recruited staff to ensure proper procedures are compiled with to tackle emergency response protocols
  • 24/7 physical protection is enabled at the property
  • We have employed two highly qualified IT security personnel who are constantly maintaining data security round the clock. We have implemented physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure the personal data we collect